1003 Mill St, Bala

Bala Freshmart is a local family owned and operated grocery store serving it's community since 1995. Bala’s original Cranberry Sausage recipe originated in 1996 at Bala Freshmart. When the Luksa Family moved to the Cranberry Capital of Ontario they decided that they needed to create something “Cranberry” for the Cranberry Festival and thus the sausage was birthed. What was made only once a year for the festival soon turned into a year round job as it's popularity grew.

Bring home the tastes of the #CRANROUTE with these delicious cranned goods

  • Find their famous Cranberry Sausages, pure pork sausages infused with local cranberries, available at the Bala Freshmart year round, and sometimes up at the Port Sydney Freshmart if they aren’t sold out! Choose from either a mild or medium flavour to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Made in store, with love.

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