12 Manitoba St, Bracebridge, ON

If you are looking for pasta in classic tomato sauce and fresh herbs, then you’ve come to the right place. We bring you the classic authentic food from Southern Italy. We are very happy that you joined us today!  Food is our passion and we are determined to serve you the most authentic and fresh menu in town.  Taste is what it’s all about! We cook Fresh Food, Not Fast Food!


  • Cranberry Lasagna - fresh lasagna with Cranberry Italian Sausage in a cranberry cream sauce

  • Cranberry Italian Style Porchetta - southern Italian style porchetta comes with vegetables and cranberry dip  

  • Cranberry Mista Salad - greens, oregano, balsamic vinegar with cranberry vinaigrette.

  • Cranberry Napoleon Cake - thin crusted pastry layers with cream topped with homemade cranberry sauce

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